Stagecoach axes off peak buses on route 17

by johnwilliams on 2 December, 2016

The 900 residents of Teversham village which has no amenities such as a shop, doctor or even a pub will lose its off peak bus service to Cambridge in January. The Monday to Saturday two hourly number 17 bus is run commercially by Stagecoach between Fulbourn and the Fen Estate via Cambridge city centre and […]

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The Employment Land Review undertaken by South Cambs and Cambridge City councils in 2012 in preparation for their joint Local Plan to 2031 forecasts there would be no further need for employment land in the south of the city. A further independent assessment of jobs and housing undertaken in 2015 for the Public Examination Inspector […]

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Accent submits application for Balsham Road

by johnwilliams on 17 November, 2016

Accent the social housing provider has submitted a planning application for 15 affordable homes on Green Belt land off Balsham Road Fulbourn.  As this is an “Exception” to planning policy being in the Green Belt the affordable homes will be ring-fenced for local people. Originally Accent wanted to build 21 affordable homes to meet the […]

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After years of determined campaigning by local villages planning permission has been given for a shared path adjacent to the B1102 between Lode and Stow-cum-Quy and construction will start as soon as possible. This path will not only give a safe route for cyclists commuting into Cambridge from the direction of Burwell and those visiting […]

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The Government attempts to steal your council tax

by johnwilliams on 28 October, 2016

The Government has proposed to steal more than £7 million from Cambridgeshire council tax payers in 2019 – yes take money from us rather than have it spent on essential local services! Even more astonishing is the fact that Conservative councillors wanted to support their Government on this blatant raid on Town Hall money. By […]

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Tory cuts hit road gritting

by johnwilliams on 20 October, 2016

This winter the number of roads being gritted will be drastically reduced as the result of Conservative and UKIP councillors setting a zero council tax increase for this year. It means that Bottisham Village College could be cut off as the road it is on has been removed from the gritting programme – great for […]

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Cambridgeshire starts roadworks permit scheme

by johnwilliams on 14 October, 2016

Cambridgeshire County Council has at last introduced under the Traffic Management Act 2004 a Permit Scheme to manage road works. You will remember I called for this after the fiasco with the six miles of roadworks for the Great Wilbraham Solar Farm which caused considerable inconvenience to road users and because of the lack of […]

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Stop the Cambridge Road Closures – sign the petition!

by johnwilliams on 7 October, 2016

If you think that the plan to close roads leading into Cambridge city centre without first greatly improving our shambolic public transport system is a madcap idea and want a more honest and fairer consultation that includes all the options to tackle congestion then sign the petition here:

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At the full meeting of South Cambridgeshire District Council Liberal Democrat Councillors asked that it support the hundreds of residents from other European Union countries living in its district by asking the Government to give a guarantee that their existing rights will be protected from Brexit. But Conservative Councillors  said they see those from other […]

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Mayor poll flawed – shame on MORI

by johnwilliams on 9 September, 2016

Do you remember that we were told by the Conservatives that if we wanted the A14 improved we had to accept a toll road.  Anyone including myself who opposed the toll were said by them to be against improving the A14.  In the end the A14 is being improved without a toll. Now they’re at […]

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