Feedback wanted on the Citi 1 & 3 services to Fulbourn & Stetchworth

by johnwilliams on 22 April, 2018

At my meeting with Andy Campbell the MD for Stagecoach East he said the bus controllers should protect the Fulbourn and Stetchworth journeys on the Citi 1 and 3 to ensure we get the hourly service on both routes and he wants to know if this is not happening and will follow it up.

Mr Campbell also asked if the timings of the Citi 1 and 3 were convenience.  Would it be better if the Citi 1 left on the half hour (and the 3 on the hour)?  A mock timetable has been produced and I have passed it to Fulbourn Parish Council for consultation – you can access it via the link below.  I have raised the issue of the 7 o’clock start time at Addenbrooke’s and Stagecoach is willing to schedule the first Citi 1 bus to arrive there in good time for it.  He also asked if it was still worthwhile to continue to serve Capital Park and Ida Darwin.

Please let me or Stagecoach know your views.  These services are not subsidized and therefore the County Council has no control over them.

I recommend you download from the Stagecoach website its travel app which gives real time information about its bus services – it’s now much more reliable!

Proposed Citi 1 & 3 Timetable[1957]

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