Guided Busway Cut makes case for Congestion Charge

by johnwilliams on 20 September, 2017

The reduction in Guided Busway services serving Cambridge North railway station should come as no surprise because you cannot expect bus companies there to make a profit for their shareholders to fund non-commercial routes that if required for the public good should be funded from the public purse.

If we want to avoid people driving to the station and adding to the congestion of the A10 and A14 then we have to subsidize an attractive public transport alternative until such time that through volume of use it becomes commercial and self-sustaining financially – and accept that that may take several years.

But with the capping of council tax revenue by the Government Cambridgeshire County Council cannot financially support public transport is this way without diverting funds from other vital services.  The money has to come from another source.

London has shown that it can be done through a congestion charge.

So don’t attack Stagecoach for taking a commercial decision instead blame those politicians who refuse a congestion charge for Cambridge city which would raise the money to deliver the attractive public transport alternatives.

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