Cambridgeshire staff told to take unpaid leave

by johnwilliams on 8 October, 2018

Conservatives are steering Cambridgeshire County Council towards bankruptcy as they have with so many other county councils through not raising council tax in the past.  If they had Cambridgeshire would now have some extra £26 million and not be forcing all but the lowest paid council staff to take three days unpaid leave over the Christmas/New year holiday to save £900,000.

Ironically nearly half of this will be wiped out by the unforeseen debt caused by the £13 million Ely by-pass overspend which a Freedom of Information request shows to be down to the Conservatives.

For years Liberal Democrats on Cambridgeshire County Council have urged the ruling Conservatives to increase Council Tax up to the cap that Central Government has put on Council Tax raises, saying that not to do so was building up trouble for the future.  But Tories always put their political party first and running scared of UKIP have ducked increasing tax for votes.

Now as a result of their action Cambridgeshire is facing the prospect of running out of money in two years time.

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