South Cambs Lib Dems call for short term gypsy and traveller sites

by johnwilliams on 28 July, 2018

In response to Government consultation Lib Dem run South Cambs council has called on the Government to look at providing short term stopping places for gypsies and travellers across the country as well as quicker powers to deal with illegal encampments.

South Cambs argues that the problem of illegal encampments needs to be tackled from both ends and that tougher laws alone will not solve this.

In the 12 months up to March 2018 there were 208 cases cases of illegal encampments across Cambridgeshire and 99 of these needed bailiffs to carry out evictions at considerable cost.

South Cambs Housing Portfolio-holder said: “We have a choice here either just to look at short term fixes or to change the law in a way that will provide a solution into the future.”

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