Even Cambridgeshire Tories have concerns about Academy consultations

by johnwilliams on 23 March, 2018

There is cross party concern that in Cambridgeshire inadequate information is being given when the governors of its primary schools consult parents over Academy conversion.

The Government guidance is silent on the content of the consultation, its fairness and balance.  As a result there have been a number of “challenging situations” around the Academy conversion process in the county.

Except where a school is judged as “inadequate” by Osfed it is the school’s governing body alone that makes the decision, and Government guidance says consultation should take place after it has received permission from the Department of Education and before it signs a funding agreement.

By this late stage governing bodies are very reluctant to change their minds.

As a result the county council will recommend an approach to consultation including timing, the duration of the consultation and what information should be shared with parents to enable them to make an informed decision.

However as the law stands the governors can ignore this advice.

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