Fewer minor local highway projects predicted in Cambridgeshire

by johnwilliams on 4 December, 2017

The Conservative controlled Cambridgeshire County is taking £200,000 from the £607,000 budget for minor local highway projects to pay for admin costs previously covered by the highways budget which officers admit will reduce the number of projects delivered in the council’s Local Highway Initiative (LHI) scheme.

The LHI scheme enables parish and town councils and community groups to bid for local non-statutory highway projects such as lighting for cycle paths or HCV weight restrictions and if successful they pay 10 per cent towards the cost of the work with the remaining 90 per cent paid from the LHI budget.

The bids are assessed by a panel of county councillors against four aims which include improving road safety.

For example this top-slicing of the LHI budget will mean that in real terms the funding for minor highway schemes in South Cambridgeshire will fall from nearly £140,000 to under £100,000.

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