Cambridgeshire could be £10 million better off

by johnwilliams on 4 October, 2017

If Cambridgeshire County Council had accepted the Lib Dem budget proposals and had raised council tax by 4 per cent rather than 2 per cent for the past two years, it would have an additional £10 million in the revenue budget this year.

This is more than enough to save our children’s centres and improve our bus services for example.

We would not now be facing even more cuts to council services by the Conservatives.

For the past two years Cambridgeshire’s Conservative councillors have pushed their flawed policy of austerity raising council tax by just 2 per cent, while even their own central government expected 4 per cent or 5 per cent rises.

In fact last year Cambridgeshire was the only county council to have a 2 per cent rise. Other counties all raised tax by at least 3 per cent.

An additional 2 per cent on Cambridgeshire’s council tax would cost an average household 50p a week.   Single person households get a council tax reduction, those in smaller houses pay less.

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