Liberal Democrats say that government must end public sector pay freeze

by johnwilliams on 15 June, 2017


Here in South Cambridgeshire we are facing a melt-down in our public services due partly to year upon year of Conservative cuts but also because the cost of living here matches that of London but the pay of our public sector workers doesn’t.

The amount of money workers are taking home continues to fall in real terms as Brexit inflation worsens but their wages remain capped having been frozen.  Many are earning in real terms less than they were 10 years ago.

It’s no wonder with full employment our councils can’t recruit the experienced planners we need to fight the speculative developers or teachers for our schools or enough staff to empty all our bins every week.

Our council workers and their families have bared the brunt of the economic crisis. Enough is enough. We need to raise the wages of our public sector workers.

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